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Recent Additions

M163 Vulcan

The M163 Vulcan is a self-propelled anti-aircraft gun of US origin. Also known as the Vulcan Air Defense System (VADS), it was developed to replace the M42 Duster in US service. The M163 was complemented by the Chaparral self-propelled surface to air missile system in US service. The M163 packs powerful armament that is only of limited use against aircraft due to the lack of automated fire control.

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Type-054A class

The Type-054A is a modern class of frigates of Chinese origin. These multipurpose frigates are a further development of the Type-054 class. The same hull is used, but weapons and sensors are significantly improved. The Type-054A is the most numerous class of surface combattant in the Chinese navy. Although 20 were planned at first, this number was increased to 30.

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Mikoyan MiG-23BN

The MiG-23BN is a late Cold War era ground attack fighter of Soviet origin. It was developed to meet Soviet requirements for a new generation of new ground attack fighter. The Mikoyan design bureau was looking at a new design, but budget restraints and requirement to deliver soon drove the design towards the MiG-23 that was on the production line. In time the MiG-23BN was further developed in the MiG-27, which has a different nose with much improved visibility in the air to ground role.

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AIM-9B Sidewinder

The AIM-9B Sidewinder is an early Cold War era short range air to air missile of American origin. The AIM-9B was the first operational missile in what would become a family of many generations of infrared guided missile used and developed till present day. Originally it was known as the AAM-N-7 Sidewinder IA in US Navy service and GAR-8 in US Air Force service until renamed AIM-9B in 1963.

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